*glomps* aww nina-bb, don’t worry! as long as u stay true to yourself, we’ll be happy. u dont need to feel guilty at all ^^ and it’s great to see that u are moving forward & putting yourself first, cause u deserve it. We will stick by u always!

cries gloria bb ;n; thank youu so much. i know you’re happy i’m improving, especially since i’ve been through some serious mental shit last year tbh and you’ve witnessed it sobs oh and from now on when i have the chance i’ll go on and message you, okay my bonnie bb? 

/hugs you tight/ once a shawol, always a shawol so be healthy and not be guilty of anything. just focus more on your self and we are here cheering for you and for shinee! ^^

sobs loudly seriously, didn’t expect to be supported but thank you so so so much… and I don’t know how to properly respond except to say thank you and i mean it… 

i’m so happy for you! i know that shinee is important to us but our lives are more important tbh and i’m happy that you’ve made the decision to put yourself first. just, /big hugs/

/snuggles you reeeaallll tight and lays my head on your shoulder/ thank you cries loudly and here i thought i’d get hate but i’m happy someone thinks i’m doing the right thing so thank you so much… ♡ ♡ 


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tokki-teeth replied to your post “[[MOR]”

aww nina bb is so cute!!! *showers you with love hearts*

adkjaldsjk but you’re just as cute if not more, gloria bb cries 



cries thank you dear throws hearts at you

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